Iam27j.org was founded by the Parents and Community for School District 27J to bring together the 27J community in support of 27J Kids!  

Our goal is to bring the community together in a show of support for a proposed bond and mill levy override that would help to address school capacity, aging infrastructure, and classroom needs. 

No matter where your from - Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton or Adams County, each of us are a part of the 27J Community.

Estimates show that the student population of School District 27J will swell to 20,237 students by the 2018 school year, bringing a deficit of 3,262 seats.  

While the School District 27J enrollment population has doubled in the past 10 years, the voters of School District 27J have not passed an election to build new schools in nearly eight years.  This has resulted in:

  1. Larger class sizes
  2. High school students unable to fit in existing schools and nearly 1,300 students unable to take a full schedule
  3. Closed enrollments at various schools and grade levels
  4. The planned use of available space at Brighton Heritage Academy to house Brighton High School Students

Without additional funding to address this growth, District 27J will be forced to implement difficult scheduling and other approaches to provide our kids with a quality education. But even those steps will only work for a short time. 

Analysts have predicted that Adams County, particularly the cities of Brighton, Commerce City, and Hudson, will be the 'next Highlands Ranch'.

With the projected growth of our communities, it is imperative that we work together to take the action necessary so that we can provide the best education for the leaders of tomorrow.


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