Yes on 5A & 5B!


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  • ris Reinoehl
    commented 2022-08-04 05:05:45 -0600
    As a former 27J graduate and tax payer, 27J certainly does not deserve a 8 mil increase. Why?
    27J , years ago, wasted so much TAX PAYER money. How? North Jr. High, housed students for many years, then suddenly, the building was outdated, and 27J needed a new school, because the teachers couldn’t teach in an old building. So a new building was built, 27J education didn’t get any better. Brighton High School, has a building called the “CLC”, which meant Concentrated Learning Center, That didn’t last long, before the idea passed on. Not just that, but an 8 mil tax increase, at this time is foolish, because with the inflation situation we currently have, the taxpayers don’t need an extra burden. 27J administration obviously has NO clue about budgets, except to keep begging, having their teachers, or putting the students on Brighton street corners screaming at passers by to vote “Yes”. There are many more reasons to vote “NO” on 27J’s 8 mil levy increase.
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  • John Rosasco
    published this page in Latest News 2021-09-23 20:04:17 -0600