We need to talk

Last night our school board voted to give 27J residents a chance to vote on a bond package that will increase the capacity of our schools, make our campuses safer for our students, and help our community thrive. Over 300 people attended the meeting!


The board took action because of the need and because of YOU! We collected over 2,600 pledges to vote (our original goal was 1,800) and we will be collecting pledges to vote throughout the fall as we lead up to the November 3rd mail ballot election. 

STOP! Take a moment to celebrate.


Okay, now we need to get to work...


Many of us are tired, waking up at 4:30 in the morning, shuffling our kids from school to sports and back again, getting the family to sit and have dinner together is harder than ever. Maybe you are a business owner that serves families and is seeing the impact. You might be someone who works for the district and wants to share a story about the crowding problems and how delayed maintenance has impacted learning. 

What are the challenges that you face living under the current conditions of our schools? Share pictures and your story on Twitter, Facebook, or on our website with (and please use the tag "#27Jstories" in your post):

We have the support of our school board, now we need the support of your friends and neighbors who need to hear your story. 

COMING AHEAD: Next week we will be launching a handwritten postcard campaign and will ask you if you have a home with a porch that can serve as a location for people to pick up yardsigns. For now, please make sure you have updated your voter registration at www.govotecolorado.com

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