We Have the Power

We wanted you to see what "we have the power" looks like. Nearly 200 parents and community members came together last night and hand-wrote 10,000 postcards and mailed them out to voters. 

Every parent shared their story about how overcrowding and split schedules are impacting their daily lives. Community members wrote about how good schools make strong neighborhoods. It was a truly amazing sight.

Now the campaign moves into the next phase: yardsigns, billboards, and yes... WINDOW CLINGS!

We need you to pitch in $27 for 27J so that we can pay for yardsigns and more window clings.

Our yardsign blitz begins next weekend. You can find details about getting your yardsign on the Iam27J calendar page. But we need your help paying for them first.

If you want to learn more about where to pick up yardsigns next week, go to our calendar page. Also, please reply to this e-mail if you know any good locations for billboards. Finally, we need people to agree to provide us their address as a yardsign pickup porch that we can post on our website map.

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