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Three easy steps to voting YES on 3D to support the kids of 27J.

1. Get on the List -- Did you know that people can register to vote right up to Election Day? To do so, visit one of the Voter Service Centers in your county starting on Monday, October 30: Adams, Weld, or Broomfield (most everyone in 27J are in Adams County)

2. Fill out Your Ballot -- If your ballot has not come in the mail and you think you are registered to vote, then go to a Voter Service Center starting Monday, October 30th to get your ballot. If you did get a ballot, follow the instructions to fill it out, place it in the privacy sleeve, then seal the ballot envelope and sign the affidavit on the back of the envelope. Now your ready to submit your vote!

3. Get Your Vote In! -- You can drop your ballot off at one of the many convenient 24-hour drop-off locations across Adams County. If you have any issues, the clerk has set up Voter Service Centers across the county that are open starting Monday, October 30th. Eligible voters can register to vote and cast their ballot right up to Election Day at any of these Voter Service Centers! Of course, you can also just apply postage and drop your ballot off in the mail, but try to do so no later than Friday, November 3rd. Remember, the ballot has to be IN THE CLERKS OFFICE or a DROPBOX (not just postmarked) by 7pm on November 8th.


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