Turnout Statistics for 10/25

Here is a chart of what we estimate the share of likely parent voters (based on demographic characteristics) in school district 27J who have voted. In 2014 (when we lost by 120 votes) parents made up about 23% of the people who voted. If parents make up more than 26% of the electorate in this election, then we believe that 3C has a strong chance of passing.


Right now, this percentage is at 21.57%, that's a problem we need your help fixing.

If we all do our jobs, this number will grow as we get closer to Election Day. If you want to see who's voted so far, click "read more" below to see an alphabetical list of people who have voted. While how you vote is completely private, whether you have voted is a matter of public record. Keep in mind that this is a list of everyone who has voted, not just parents. 

Some people may have dropped off their ballot or placed it in the mail and it just hasn't been processed yet. But if you have friends and family who aren't on this list, might be a good idea to give them a little reminder.

You can find a list of ballot dropoff locations here. That is by far the fastest way to get your name on this list.

We will post the next update on Tuesday afternoon.

Here is the list of people who have voted who live in Adams County. Thank you for voting! Again, some people who have returned their ballots and the clerk hasn't had the chance to process them. So if you're name is not on the list and you think it should be, just leave a comment and let us know! Also, there are some people who reside in SD 27J but are outside the county, so they won't be on this list 

LastName FirstName
Aalders Susan
Abbott Sally
Aberle Ruta
Aberle Gary
Abeyta Michael
Abeyta Christine
Abeyta Sandra
Abeyta Anthony
Adams Debra
Adams William
Adams Telissa
Adamson Nicholas
Adamson Chastidee
Adcox Cara
Addy Kent
Aguilar Ruth
Aguilar Joselito
Aguirre Guadalupe
Aguirre Marciano
Aguirre Diaz Flora
Aicher James
Aicher Cynthia
Akin Clayton
Akin Kristina
Alber Walter
Alderman Janelle
Alexander Sandra
Algard Bernard
Algiene Maria
Alicea Melissa
Alicea Marta
Alkhatib John
Alkhatib Jaclyn
Allen Janet
Allen Gary
Allen Kevin
Allsopp William
Alsdorf William
Alston Meredith
Amador Antonio
Ambaw Gezachw
Ames Sandra
Amos Linda
Ancker Scott
Andazola Luz
Andazola Arturo
Anderson Scott
Anderson Luann
Anderson Marina
Anderson Mike
Anderson Joann
Anderson Tatianna
Anderson Karen
Anderson Roger
Anderson Ian
Anderson Eric
Anderson Alexa
Anderson William
Anderson Emma
Anderson Donald
Anderson Gregory
Anderson Thomas
Anderson Edward
Anderson Kirsten
Anderson Annastacia
Andis George
Andreano Sarah
Andreano Sean
Aparicio Ralph
Apodaca Melissa
Apodaca Timothy
Apodaca Luis
Apodaca George
Apodaca Catherine
Aragon Philip
Aranda Paula
Archer Mitchell
Archuleta Marylou
Archuleta Gene
Arias-Lujan Bertha
Armstrong Karla
Arnold Kyra
Arnold Gregory
Arnold Hollye
Arnold Scott
Arter Vicki
Arter Frank
Ash Gary
Ashby Michael
Ashby Wilna
Aten Shannon
Atkins Dana
Atkins Christopher
Austin Dennis
Austin Michael
Austin Donna
Austin Janet
Avey Leo
Avey Colleen
Ayala Armando
Baca Kenneth
Baca Patricia
Baca Michael
Baca Melissa
Backer Terry
Baehr Leroy
Bailey Jerry
Bain George
Bakalarski Baker Anna
Baker Elma
Baker Christopher
Baker David
Bakes Cheryl
Bakes Joseph
Bakes Owen
Baldwin David
Baldwin Susan
Baltazar Carlos
Baltazar Linda
Bandt Elizabeth
Banes Michael
Banes Rebecca
Banister Karen
Banuelos Richmond Alicia
Barcelo Jeanne
Barcelo Aaron
Barcelo Mark
Barlow Jessica
Barnaby Courtney
Barnes Jody
Barnes Mark
Barnes Robyn
Barnes Louise
Barragan Krystal
Barton Lila
Bassett Debra
Bassett Richard
Bates James
Bates Marjorie
Bauer Laura
Baumgartner Tammi
Beard Allison
Beatty James
Becker Lynda
Becker Richard
Beckerman Ann
Beggs Eloisa
Belica Carol
Belica Robert
Bell Jeannette
Bell Jamie
Bell Rex
Bell John
Bell Kenneth
Bennett John
Bennett Elizabeth
Bennett Sarah
Bennett Mary
Bennett George
Benson James
Benyak Billy
Benyak Alicia
Berger Laurel
Bergman Randy
Berndt Neela
Berndt Edward
Berry Sharon
Bessire Pat
Betts Anthony
Beye Shirleyann
Beyer Susanne
Bieker Peggy
Bieker James
Billings Gary
Billman Kevin
Bishop Patricia
Black Keith
Black Sharol
Blakey Gordon
Blanton Todd
Blehm Brian
Bliss Sarah
Blummer Emily
Blunck Julie
Blunck Rodney
Bode Charlotte
Bode Nancy
Bode Danielle
Boesch Carol
Bohlender Jerry
Bohlender Dillon
Bohlender Georgiana
Bolinger Lisa
Bolsover Fletcher
Bond Keri
Book Nicole
Boonstra Gregory
Boos Elizabeth
Border John
Border Carol
Borges Lopez Luis
Bormann Gregory
Bormann Patricia
Bormann Jacob
Borquez Erika
Borrastero Michael
Borrastero Nancy
Borrastero Raul
Bosko Rebecca
Boso Judith
Boswell Paula
Bottiglieri Judith
Bounds Betty
Bounds Peter
Bourne Heather
Bourne Daniel
Bowen Robert
Bowen Barbara
Bowen Ross
Bowen Judith
Bowen Robert
Bowers Forrest
Bowman Joseph
Bowman Brenda
Boyersmith Mary Ann
Boyersmith Joseph
Brachtenbach Irene
Bracy Layne
Bradford Christine
Bradford Jason
Brandon Christopher
Brandon Deborah
Branson Carol
Branson Charles
Branting Julie
Brass Sandra
Brechbuhl Heather
Brechbuhl Daniel
Brian Nancy
Brien Raymond
Brien Deanne
Briggs Londa
Briggs Joan
Briggs Charles
Briggs Dennis
Brightwell Donald
Brightwell Judith
Briseno Jose
Briseno Guadalupe
Brito Trujillo Barbara
Britt Darrell
Brokaw William
Bronson Barbara
Brooks Richard
Brooks Janet
Brooks Teri
Brooks Bruce
Brown Eric
Brown Leroy
Brown Mary
Brown Andrea
Brown Ann
Brown Cheri
Brown Earl
Browning Gary
Bruce Amy
Bruce Taylor
Brueggemann Barbara
Bruening Becky
Bruffey Timothy
Bruffey Elizabeth
Bruffey Benjamin
Brummond Richard
Brunner Heidi
Brunner Glenn
Bruske Renee
Buck Joyce
Buelow Peter
Buffo Kelli
Buffo Ronald
Burback Melvin
Bures Robert
Burgess Barbara
Burgess Timothy
Burk Rena
Burk Carl
Burke David
Burke Edna
Burkert James
Burlech Robert
Burns Kristin
Burr Linda
Burr Donald
Burridge James
Burridge Linda
Burt Colorado
Busby Lynn
Buscietta Glenn
Buscietta Jeanne
Bussell James
Bussell Elisabeth
Buttram Janice
Byerly James
Byerly Lois
Byers Melody
Byers Barry
Byrd Leslie
Byrd Grace
Cade Troy
Cade Chanda
Calahan Douglas
Caldera Vargas Valerie
Campbell Amber
Campton Carl
Campton Wanda
Capouch Gail
Carfield Brian
Carfield Wally
Carfield Erica
Carita Joseph
Carlson Roger
Carlson Nicole
Carlson John
Carlson Matthew
Carlson Melissa
Carnahan Jeri
Carnahan James
Carrillo Jovana
Carrillo Martha
Carrillo Jesus
Carrillo Flores Levi
Carter Robert
Carwin Tanja
Carwin Terry
Casey Joy
Cassady Tamara
Cassady Sean
Cassel Raymond
Cassiday Robert
Casso Edward
Casso Nora
Castaneda Thomas
Castens Diane
Castens Thomas
Caster Myrle
Caster Ardith
Castlellaw Leica
Castro David
Castro Mandi
Cathcart Carrie
Caudill Thomas
Caudill Kathy
Cavanaugh Sandra
Cavanaugh Michael
Caveny Michelle
Cerullo Ronail
Cerullo Joseph
Chambers William
Chatigny Paul
Chavez Susan
Chavez Roxanne
Chavez Lori
Chavez Benjamin
Chiasson Kelly
Chiasson Eric
Chicoine Pamela
Cholas Gary
Cholas Dana
Christensen Andrea
Christensen Corinne
Christopher Anthony
Chullino Lori
Chullino Mark
Chun Byong
Cihlar Doris
Ciolek Jacek
Ciolek Trzpis Joanna
Clapper Anthony
Clark Jerry
Clark Martin Charles
Clatworthy Jessica
Clawson Rose
Cline Patricia
Clites Donald
Clough Jeffrey
Cluff Larry
Codding Jolene
Coe Woodruff Joann
Cole Neil
Coleman Velvet
Coleman James
Colyer Nancy
Cominsky James
Cominsky Theresa
Comyn Jonathan
Conca Salvatore
Conca Leah
Cone Fredric
Cone Joanne
Connelly Michael
Connolly Sandra
Connor Kellee
Connor Thomas
Contreras Theodore
Cook Lisa
Cooke Patricia
Cooper William
Cope James
Cope Ellyn
Corbett Kelly
Corbett Tisha
Cordle Jeremiah
Cordle Linda
Cordova Teri
Cordova Misti
Cordova Rosalie
Cordova Patricia
Cordova Aaron
Cordova Tobias
Cordova Eugene
Cotie Bruce
Cotie Debra
Couper Stephen
Couper Michel
Court Katherine
Court Trenton
Coverston Richard
Coverston Phyllis
Covey Amy
Cox John
Coyle Robert
Crabb Carmen
Crabb Edwin
Craig Judith
Craig Danny
Cribbs Ardella
Crist Charles
Cristescu Gheorghe
Croff Amy
Cronk Aleah
Cronk David
Cross Kendra
Crouse Joann
Crouse Russell
Crow Kelli
Crowder Samantha
Crowder James
Cullison Susan
Cullison Jonathan
Cummins Brandon
Cummins Hillary
Curtis Kay
Curtis John
Curtis Laura
Curtis Alan
Curtis Pamela
Cushard Jonathan
Dahlstrom Scott
Daigle Justin
Dal Ponte Trent
Danenhauer Lucille
Dangerfield Daniel
Danyew Carol
Danyew Paul
Dapice Joanne
Dapice Joseph
Datteri Diane
Davidson Thomas
Davidson Sharon
Davis Frances
Davis Ronald
Davis Rhea
Davis Robert
Davis Diane
Davis Julia
Davis David
Davis George
Day Patrick
Day Amber
Dean Justin
Dean Krista
Debord David
Debord Debra
Dechant Clara
Dechant Jerome
Decrescentis Louis
Deets Loretta
Defrange Rita
Dejager Anders
Dejager Andrea
Dekov Patricia
Delany Heidi
Delany Sean
Delazzer Dorino
Delgado Thomas
Delisi Rita
Delisle Krista
Delisle Jesse
Delockroy Harvey
Delockroy Carol
Delude Alexis
Delude Charity
Deluzio Matthew
Deluzio Nichole
Delvillar Magdelena
Delvillar Jose
Dennis Patricia
Dennis Fred
Dennis Richard
Denny Kathryn
Dent Travis
Dent Holly
Derrickson Daniel
Devincenzi David
Devore Michelle
Deyerle Burnett
Diaz Casey
Diaz Luis
Diaz David
Diaz Alicia
Diaz Paul
Dietzler Rose Ann
Dietzler Michael
Dill Deborah
Dill Amy
Dilsaver Elizabeth
Dinges Bryan
Dirienzo Gayle
Dirienzo John
Dixon Connie
Dixon Douglas
Dobson Mary
Dobson Barry
Dodge Shelley
Doke Cheri
Donaldson Kay
Donaldson David
Donin Bernard
Doohan-Earhart Sheila
Dottavio James
Doyle Beverly
Doyle Robert
Doyle Penny
Drake Joshua
Draper Edward
Duan Sandra
Dukeman Edward
Dunnell Ruth
Dunnell David
Duran Brett
Duran Andrew
Duran Joni
Duresky Diane
Durland Randall
Durland Bonnie
Dyke Timothy
Dyke Joanie
Earhart Brent
Earls Michael
Earls Molly
Easdon Clark
Easdon Karen
Easdon Robert
Eccher Leslie
Echezabal Rosalie
Echezabal Filiberto
Echols Velma
Echols Cherie
Eckelman Robert
Eckman Gladys
Edens Wallace
Edgar Kenneth
Edgar Danielle
Edgar Velda
Edmondson Doris
Edwards Diana
Edwards Candace
Edwards John
Edwards Roger
Edwards Ramona
Edwards Joseph
Egan Lisa
Ehrlich Deborah
Ehrlich Jacob
Ehrmann Vicki
Ehrmann Edward
Ehrmann Emily
Einspahr Charlene
Einspahr Norman
Eisenbarth Kimberly
Eisenbarth Ryan
Eldridge Mark
Eldridge Nivia
Elliott Daniel
Elliott Jessica
Elliott Michele
Elliott Dean
Ellis Jennifer
Ellis Lissa
Ellis Alan
Ellsworth Daniel
Ellsworth Alyssa
Elms Eric
Elrod John
Elrod Lynne
Elrod Ian
Elrod Cydney
Embry Sandra
Emeterio Eric
Engelhardt Shari
Engelhardt Craig
Engle Jase
Engle Darrell
Engledow Michelle
English Steven
English Nancy
Enriquez Alex
Epperson Randall
Epperson James
Epson Linda
Epson Thomas
Erdelac Robert
Erger Marilyn
Erickson Debra
Erickson Harold
Escatel Valerie
Eseke Joanne
Esparza Loretta
Espinoza Toby
Estrella Viola
Estrella Mark
Etkin Nelida
Evans Choko
Evans Daniel
Evans Carol
Evans Ronald
Everett Kristine
Everett Kc
Fabrizio Randall
Fails Kelly
Falcon Joe
Fandrich Wallace Judy
Fankhouser Darlene
Farner Helen
Farner Kyle
Farnsworth David
Farrar Sharon
Farrell Kimberly
Farrell Patrick
Faut Larry
Fautsch Pamela
Fautsch Leo
Felps Rita
Fenner Robert
Fenstemaker Kathryn
Ferguson William
Ferguson Eugene
Ferguson Rosie
Ferguson Gary
Fernandez Arline
Fiedler Jessica
Fiedler Christopher
Fields Marilyn
Fifer Deloras
Fifer Larry
Figurilli Sherry
Figurilli Richard
Fike Thomas
Fike Frances
Fine David
Fine Laura
Finley Kathleen
Fischer Joseph
Fischer Jacqueline
Fisher John
Fisher Angela
Fishler Adele
Flaherty Linda
Flanagan Terry
Fling Sandra
Flow Susan
Floyd Shannon
Floyd Dale
Folley David
Fontana Scott
Ford Sean
Ford Savannah
Ford Shelby
Ford Samantha
Ford Sean
Forde Loree
Forde Terry
Foss Robbin
Foss Larry
Foster Julius
Foster June
Foster Debrah
Francis Amanda
Francis Kenneth
Franco-Ward Jovanna
Frank Darrell
Frank Debera
Franks David
Fredenburg Allan
Freeman Timothy
Frend Tobias
Fresques Sharon
Frew James
Frieman Steven
Frohman Adam
Frohman Melissa
Fruge Kenneth
Fry Sandy
Fry Charles
Fulmer Virginia
Fulmer Charles
Fulton Brianna
Fuqua Susan
Fuqua Jerry
Fushimi Christopher
Fushimi Shonette
Gabarron Pamela
Gaddis Duke
Gaede William
Gaede Miriam
Gagne Casey
Gagon Ian
Gallegos Jeffrey
Gallegos Rosaryo
Gallegos Jay
Gallegos Gene
Gallegos James
Gallegos Michael
Gallegos Gloria
Gallegos Teresa
Gallegos James
Gallegos Amy
Gamboa Deanna
Gantt Vernon
Garner John
Garner Debra
Garrett Marci
Garrett Kevin
Garrett Zachary
Garza Ramon
Gaschler Robert
Gaschler Elizabeth
Gascon Luis
Gauditz Connie
Gay Michael
Geelan Peter
Gelok Mary
Gentleman Paula
Gentleman Gregory
Geolfos Jennifer
George Janet
Geraghty Patrick
Geschwell Chad
Geschwell Amy
Gettman Kas
Giacomini Wayne
Giarrusso Joelle
Gillott Stephen
Gilmore Michael
Glade Kenneth
Glass Julia
Glass Gerald
Glasser Glenn
Glasser Pamela
Glorso Joyce
Glover Danielle
Goddard Charles
Godfrey John
Godwin Connie
Godwin James
Goerig Patricia
Goerig James
Gold Laura
Gomez Vivian
Gomez Alexis
Gomez Mabel
Gomez Ancelmita
Gomez Vivian
Gonzales Clorinda
Gonzales Oclires
Gonzales Edna
Gonzales Lisette
Gonzales Raymond
Goodgion Keith
Goodgion Rose
Goodman Harriet
Goodman William
Goss Timothy
Gossert Glenn
Gossert Sherrie
Gould Kara
Grable Kathleen
Grablin Mark
Grablin Carla
Graeb Ruby
Granberg Mary Jane
Grandinetti Robert
Grauerholz Lofton Stephanie
Grayson Darlene
Greaves Paul
Green Wayne
Greene James
Greene Bonnie
Greenwald Martin
Gregg Robert
Gregory Scott
Griffin Clinton
Grimes William
Grovum Eric
Grovum Tracey
Gruthoff David
Guerra Kimberly
Gulliksen Robert
Gulmantovicz Matthew
Gulmantovicz Carol
Gunderson Vernon
Guzman Virginia
Haas Rachel
Haas Ryan
Haas Harold
Haase Dara
Haase Amanda
Haase Micah
Haase Terrance
Hacker Lonnie
Haedrich Donna
Haedrich James
Hagen Terry
Haigh Diane
Hajdu Annamarie
Hall Patricia
Halterman William
Halverson Micah
Halverson Candice
Hamele Shawn
Hamele Jacquelyn
Hamilton Mary
Hamilton Janet
Hamlin Brian
Hamlin Shayna
Hammond Robert
Handcock Julie
Haney Peter
Hansen Jimmy
Hanson Joshua
Hanson Terrie
Hanson Robert
Harden David
Harden Cori
Harding Kathleen
Harding Lawrence
Harding Marion
Hardman James
Haroldson Sharon
Hartman Sherri
Hatch Laurie
Hawkins Aniele
Hayes Larry
Hayes Joel
Hayes Michael
Hayes Vicki
Heard James
Heaton Robert
Heddings Erica
Hedell Arnold
Heffelfinger Marianne
Heflin Kelli
Hefty Julie
Hefty Scott
Heide James
Heinbaugh Lary
Heinlein Glenda
Heinrich Gail
Heinrich Charles
Hejny Marilyn
Hendricks Ronald
Henningsen Jerry
Hensel Delbert
Her Yeev
Herdt Michelle
Herll Susan
Herll Dale
Hernandez Roman
Hernandez Steven
Hernandez Theresa
Hernandez Evelyn
Hernandez Teresa
Hernandez Daniel
Herr Matthew
Herrick Donna
Hibbard James
Hibbard Chalonda
Hickerson John
Hickerson Judy
Hicklin Bonnie
Hicks James
Higashi Gavin
Higashi Nichole
Hill Darwin
Hill Christopher
Hill Gretta
Hintzen Randolph
Hirzel James
Hitt Pamela
Hockett Galen
Hodge Radona
Hodge Nicole
Hodge Michael
Hodges-Osgood Holly
Hoffman Diana
Hoffman Clayton
Hofland Kristin
Hogan Eunice
Hogueisson Sheron
Hogueisson John
Hoke Brenda
Hoke Betty
Holcomb Anthony
Holman Lorie Anne
Holman Sara
Holmes James
Holmes Corbett Sue
Holthouser Steven
Holton Michael
Holton Christopher
Holton Tracey
Holz Kamy
Homa John
Homa Dawn
Hood Joni
Hood James
Hoos Merle
Hoos Andrea
Hoskins Meghan
Houdek Mary
Houdek John
Hough Ronald
Houston Natori
Houston Harvey
Hovorka George
Howard Janelle
Howard Joseph
Howard Paul
Howell Jacqueline
Howlin William
Howlin Gaynelle
Hruby Ronald
Hudec Michael
Huerta Laura
Huerta Nicole
Huett Janet
Huiras Tracy
Huiras Francis
Hulbert James
Hulbert Eli
Humphreys John
Huntington Mary
Hurline Matthew
Hyatt Dorothy
Hyatt Donald
Ingino Susan
Irby Charles
Irby Janet
Irsik Ronald
Isaac Michael
Jackson Jennifer
Jackson Sean
Jackson Samuel
Jackson Catherine
Jackson Joseph
Jackson Benjamin
Jackson Robert
Jakes Ethel
Jakes Lawrence
James Jerilyn
James Thomas
Jansen Roger
Jansen Erika
Jaramillo Michael
Jaramillo Leanne
Jarnutowski James
Jarnutowski Carol
Jenet Michael
Jensen Denise
Jensen James
Jensen Kathleen
Jensen Sally
Jensen Lorraine
Jensen Howard
Jensen William
Jenson Richard
Jeske Ronald
Jessen Dustin
Jilka Mary
Jimenez Daniel
Jimenez Olga
Johannes Justin
Johannes Kameron
Johnson Lorraine
Johnson Cathy
Johnson Catherine
Johnson Darryl
Johnson Elizabeth
Johnson Dorotha
Johnson Kyle
Johnson Debra
Johnson Larnitta
Johnson Fred
Johnson Sandra
Johnson Andrea
Johnson Marcia
Johnson Anthony
Johnson Richard
Johnson Geraldine
Johnson Pamela
Johnson Oke
Johnson Charles
Johnston Amy
Johnston Charles
Jones Kerstin
Jones Howard
Jones Blake
Jones Howard
Jones Jeffery
Jones Marie
Jones Kathleen
Jones Gina
Jorstad Anthony
Jorstad Laura
Joy Kathryn
Jungclaus Suzanne
Justice Corinna
Justice Mark
Kahler Brenda
Kahler Durand
Kala Sorensen Patricia
Kalvoda Josephine
Kalvoda Henry
Kamm Kelly
Kamm Adam
Kampbell Donna
Kampbell-Singh Nicole
Karsten Dale
Keener Susanne
Keeton Wanda
Keith Daryl
Kellenburger Steven
Kelley Duane
Kellison Beverly
Kellison Timothy
Kellogg Suzanne
Kellogg Richard
Kelpin Jill
Kennedy Nathan
Kenney Marcia
Kensinger Geoffrey
Kern James
Kettmann Michelle
Kettmann Brad
Kiernan Gregg
Kiernan Julie
Kimberlin Christian
Kimberlin Jeffery
Kincheloe Suzanne
Kincheloe William
King Jonathan
Kinsey Dale
Kirchmeyer Patricia
Kirchmeyer Thomas
Kirchner Jeske Margaret
Kirwin Kenneth
Kittler Rudolph
Kittler Mary
Kitzman Keenan
Klassen Delgado Jennifer
Klausner Anita
Klausner Damian
Kleemola Charles
Kleve Lawrence
Kleve Susan
Kleypas Ki
Kleypas Ginger
Kline Carol
Klingensmith Carol
Klinger Pauline
Kloberdans Michael
Kloberdanz Patrick
Knago Claudia
Knight Paul
Knipple Sidney
Kniss Adam
Kniss Joan
Knox Douglas
Knuppel Maria
Kobasiar Christopher
Kohl Lauren
Kohl Christopher
Kohlbeck Barbara
Kolch Zelma
Koppendrayer Alison
Kopplinger Donald
Kopplinger Janice
Korneychuk Marjorie
Korneychuk Kenneth
Kover Jennifer
Krage Kevin
Kramer Dorene
Krantz Sharon
Krantz Edward
Krebs Diana
Kremer Marvin
Kresha Patricia
Krickbaum Kenneth
Krickbaum Elizabeth
Krider Michael
Kroekel Juliette
Kroekel Andrea
Kroll Laurie
Kroll Steven
Krzizike Lorraine
Kuehntopp Randall
Kvande Carrie
Kvande Ryan
Labriola Jeanette
Labriola Mark
Ladwig Mary
Lafevre Benjamin
Lagasse Alan
Lagasse Linda
Lamb Fiona
Lamb Doris
Lambert James
Lambert Bruce
Lambert Sharon
Lammey Lisa
Lammey Norman
Landwehr Michael
Landwehr Michaela
Langdale Denine
Langfeld Gisela
Langfeld Heinz
Lanker Claude
Lapoure Ellen
Larch Alvin
Larose Joanna
Larose Thomas
Larsen Vivian
Larsen Dale
Larson Mark
Larue Tom
Larue Traci
Lasher Roberta
Last Susan
Last Mark
Lau Loretta
Laubhan Devin
Lauer Delores
Lauer Robert
Lauridson Justin
Lauridson Amanda
Lawson Stephanie
Le Alexander
Lee Ronald
Lee Hennee
Lee Carolyn
Lee William
Lee Janet
Lee Chiyon
Lego Derrick
Lego Stacey
Leitner Randall
Leitner Margaret
Leitner Kathryn
Lell Anthony
Lemke Wanda
Leonardo Nicolle
Leuch Neil
Leuch Francie
Lewis Shirley
Lewis Michael
Lewis Stanley
Lewis Dawn
Light John
Light Cheryl
Limon Julian
Linder Robert
Lindroth Aaron
Lindsey Dorothy
Lindsey Ruth
Lineberger Patrick
Lineberger Renee
Lines Chris
Linville Joshua
Linville Jessica
Lisano Russell
Lisano Gloria
Little John
Liu Jennifer
Liu Richard
Lively Patrick
Lively Jack
Lively Myrtle
Livensparger Stuart
Llafet Keith
Lloyd Lucinda
Loberg Gary
Locke Barbara
Locke Donald
Lockman Janice
Logan Eileen
Loiseau Leonel
Lollar Heather
Lombardi George
Lombardi Sandra
Lombardi Diane
Long Connie
Long Dorthy
Long John
Long Carrol
Longhurst-Justus Lori
Loop Robert
Loop Michelle
Lopez Christopher
Lopez Erica
Lott Ricky
Lotvedt Mark
Louangrath Vongphandy Sakhone
Lovato Andrew
Lovins Stuart
Lowas Eric
Lowas Desiree
Lowen Rosalind
Lucero Thomas
Lucero Beverly
Lucero Janice
Lucero Angel
Lucero Rose
Lucero Victoria
Lucero Nick
Lucero Manuel
Lucero Jeromy
Luciano Sophia
Luck Edward
Lugo Jordan Ann
Lumsden Yvonne
Lumsden Edward
Lusby Robert
Lussier Dylan
Lussier Michele
Lutz Linda
Lutz Thomas
Machinski James
Machinski Lorraine
Mack Jennifer
Mack Robert
MacUmber Carol
Maddox Mary
Mader Margaret
Madison Brian
Madjar Tomislav
Madjar Kelli
Maestas Eleanor
Maestas Margaret
Maestas Leonard
Maestas Ferman
Maestas Helen
Maestas Jerald
Maestas Daniel
Main William
Majors Leslie
Majors Michael
Makarevicz Susan
Maksin Diana
Maksin Richard
Maley Carolyn
Maley Michael
Malinosky Julie
Manes Aline
Manes Kenneth
Manfredi Anthony
Mann Milda
Mann Ruth
Mantich Franks Sheran
Manzitto Linda
Marley Lorina
Marshall Richard
Martin Jamison
Martin Paulette
Martin Courtney
Martin Kevin
Martinez Joann
Martinez Juanita
Martinez Raymond
Martinez Roberto
Martinez Matthew
Martinez Ciri
Martinez Jesus
Martinez Emily
Martinez Luis
Martinez Teresita
Martinez Alberto
Martinez Elva
Martinez Drumright Rosalie
Mascarenas Manuelita
Mason Janice
Mathis Betty
Matsuno Dwight
Maxwell Iris
Maxwell Mikayla
Maxwell Jeffrey
Maxwell Edda
Maxwell Christopher
May Judith
Maybee George
Maybee Sharon
Mayfield-Pinney Kimberly
Mays Cathy
Mc Cann James
McCann Carla
McCarthy John
McCarthy Stephanie
McCartney Corey
McCleskey Kelli
McCleskey Danial
McClure Kevin
McCormick Patrick
McCormick Jenna
McCoy Tracy
McCoy Randy
McCrary Dennis
McCrory John
McEldowney Julie
McEldowney Jason
McElhinney Byron
McElhinney Valarie
McElhinney Matthew
McFarland Charles
McFerran Britta
McGee Bernard
McGee Arthurean
McGinn Jodi
McGinn Robert
McGirl Jo Ann
McKinney Carolyn
McKissick James
McKissick Louise
McKnight Suzanne
McLean Stacy
McMahan Jane
McMahill Michael
McMahill Dorothy
McNeill Scott
McNerney Yonna
McNickle Cooley Kathleen
Meakins Donna
Medina Priscilla
Medina Robert
Medina Fidel
Medley Yvonne
Medrano Jose
Mefford Donald
Meggett Karen
Mella Luis
Mella Lucretia
Mentzer Julie
Metcalf Sabin Shirley
Mettenbrink Christian
Meyer Darwin
Meyers Daryl
Meza-Ruiz Maria
Michael Robert
Michael Donna
Michaelson Dafna
Michell Brandon
Miera Ronnie
Miki Larry
Miki Diane
Mildenberger Mary
Miller Alisa
Miller Lowell
Miller Alex
Miller Michael
Miller Mary
Miller Jamie
Milliken Joey
Mills Peggy
Mills Timothy
Mininger Rebecca
Mininger Rodney
Mink Marissa
Mitchell Harry
Mitchell Lea
Mitchell Jacolin
Mitchell Nicolette
Mitchell Douglas
Mock William
Moeding John
Moelis Jay
Moelis Barbara
Mollevik Daniel
Monhollin Nancy
Monhollin William
Monson Lori
Moore Ronald
Moore Justin
Moore James
Moore Erin
Moore Terry
Moore Bonnie
Moore Jerry
Morales John
Morales Mary
Morales John
Morales Nicholas
Morales Roy
Moran Edward
Moran Alexis
Moravek Beverly
Moreland Carol
Moreno Sergio
Moreno Kimberly
Morgan Carol
Morgan David
Morkve Natalie
Morkve Robert
Morkve Carrie
Morrell Marsha
Morrell Jeffery
Morris Patrick
Morris Laura
Morrison Glen
Morton Jacob
Motisi Denise
Mott Mary
Mueller Mary
Mulreany Deborah
Muniz David
Muniz Andre
Muniz Sarah
Murin Andrew
Murphy William
Murphy Ann
Mutzbauer Neil
Mutzbauer Martha
Myers Beth
Myhra Ron
Nadler Sara
Nagel Donald
Nance Karl
Nance Tracie
Natale Kathleen
Natale Paul
Nava Jesse
Navarro Jeffrey
Naylor Daniel
Naylor Darrel
Neef Susan
Neese Arlene
Neff David
Neff Stacey
Nelson Edward
Nelson Crystal
Nelson John
Neuhauser Jerome
Neuhauser Linda
Neve Judith
Neville Richelle
Newman Leland
Newsom Frank
Newsom Marvin
Newsom Nancy
Nichols Deborah
Nies Nicole
Nightingale Peggy
Nitzel Christine
Norcross Jeremy
Norcross Julie
Norcross Michelle
Nuanes Sherry
Nuanes Freddy
Oberacker Chad
Oberle Michele
Obrecht Vonda
Obrecht Theodore
Ocker David
Ocker Louis
Ocker Kristine
Oconnor Susan
Oconnor Larry
Off Jeanne
Ogilvie Daniel
Ogrady Richard
Ohlhauser Roger
Ohlhauser Lisa
Ojeda Shirl
Olivas Chelese
Olson Julie
Olson Timothy
Olson Ruth
Olson Jennifer
Olson Michael
Olson Patrick
Olson Adam
Olson Tracy
Olvera Luciano
Oquinn Clyde
Oray Michelle
Oray David
Ortega Valerie
Ortega Alicia
Ortega Isabell
Ortega Louise
Ortega Roy
Ortega Manuel
Ortega Samantha
Ortiz Edwin
Ortiz Carolyn
Ortolani Michelle
Ortolani Scott
Osborne Blake
Osborne Susan
Osborne Michael
Osborne Susan
Osheroff Linda
Osteicoechea Virgilio
Oster Stanley
Oster Carol
Ostrander William
Otto Andrew
Otto John
Owen Terry
Owens Cynthia
Owens Charles
Owens Michael
Owens Douglas
Ownby Joy
Pacheco Joyce
Padilla Emma
Padron Gerald
Padron Henrick
Padron Wilma
Padron Rocco
Palmer Beverly
Palombo Barbara
Pantera James
Pantle Diana
Pantos Michael
Paris Melina
Paris Jason
Park Yong
Parker Anita
Parker Fruge Tish
Parks Margaret
Parrent Allen
Parsons Rhonda
Parsons James
Partney Carolyn
Parys Christopher
Parys Rachel
Paschke Jean
Paul Howard
Paul Cynthia Rose
Paulovich Alfred
Paustian Corrine
Paustian Robert
Pawlowski Norman
Pawlowski Janice
Peach Karen
Peacock Mary
Peacock Charles
Peel David
Pena James
Pena Tiffany
Penfold William
Perez Gustavo
Perez Melissa
Perez Manuela
Peters Paul
Peterson James
Peterson Sandra
Peterson Audra
Peterson Mary
Peterson Martin
Peterson Christopher
Peterson Larry
Peterson Frederick
Petramala Adam
Petramala Kendra
Petrocco Kathleen
Petrocco Susan
Pettinger Ginnissa
Petty Arthur
Petty Robert
Pfannenstiel Irene
Pfannenstiel Gerald
Pfannenstiel Jenne
Pfeifer Helen
Pfeifer Regina
Pfeifer John
Pflanz Sheralee
Phibbs Kristina
Phibbs Peter
Phifer Melissa
Pinkerton Larry
Piotraschke Gregory
Piotraschke Sharleen
Pirkl Leroy
Plantinga Michael
Plantinga Sharayah
Plendl Darlene
Plumisto Deborah
Plumisto Gene
Plymesser Cornelia
Polak Jodie
Pollard Art
Polliard Jeffrey
Ponder Delgadillo Susan
Popple David
Popple Nancy
Porterfield Corey
Portillo Yevette
Powell William
Press Katy
Press Eric
Prestia Robins Erin
Prestia-Robins Marc
Preston Marian
Preston Jim
Priola Gary
Priola Carolyn
Priola Kevin
Priselac Shelley
Proctor Julia
Provencher Carri
Provencher William
Quenzer Gregory
Quenzer Sydney
Quinlan Patrick
Quinlan Carol
Quinn Joyce
Quintana Joseph
Quintana Deborah
Quist Rodger
Raikes Jean
Rains Cheryl
Rains Ronald
Ramig Joann
Ramig Donald
Ramos-Vallejos Ashley
Randa Judy
Randall James
Randall Veronica
Ranney Karen
Rasmussen Derrick
Rathmann Karleen
Ratzlaff Sara
Ratzlaff Jarred
Reasoner Carol
Reasoner James
Recknor Steven
Reckseen David
Reckseen Elena
Redin Julie
Reed Sam
Reed Belinda
Reed Kailee
Reed Jeanette
Reid James
Reid Brian
Reid Betty
Reimer Shannan
Reiner Shirley
Reinert Theresa
Reinert Mary
Reitcheck Loretta
Reither Patricia
Revello Stephen
Reynolds Jill
Reynolds Jeffrey
Reynolds Cynthia
Rice Carole
Rice Alan
Richard Gary
Richmond Willis
Rickley Lou
Rickley O
Riedesel James
Riedl Jon
Riedl Elaine
Riesel Dennis
Riley Christy
Riley Patrick
Riley Nini
Riley Willie
Rippy Melissa
Rivera David
Rivera Pauline
Rivera David
Robbins Roger
Robbins Janice
Roberts Christopher
Roberts Paul
Roberts Rachel
Robertson Robby
Rock Anitra
Rock Leslie
Rodriguez Garold
Rodriguez Judy
Rodriguez Annalee
Rodriguez Peter
Rodriguez Ronald
Rogers Vernon
Rohde Tonya
Rohr Melani
Rohr Jeffrey
Rohrig Robert
Roller Elaine
Romano Tony
Romano Teresa
Romberg Garrett Suzanne
Romero Harry
Romero Anthony
Romero Beatrice
Romero Carrie
Romero Armando
Romero Christopher
Roper John
Rosa Harvey
Rosa Michelle
Rosales Naomi
Rosell Tabitha
Rosell Christopher
Roseman Catherine
Roseman Rex
Rosenbrock Peggy
Rosenbrock Stanley
Ross Nancy
Rowland Roy
Rowland Frederick
Rowley Michael
Royal Beverly
Royall Veronica
Roybal Jerry
Ruberg Ronald
Rucker Richard
Rucker Connie
Rusch Jeffrey
Rusch April
Rusch Jeffrey
Ruttell Rick
Rutter Kristen
Ruybal Kathleen
Ruybal Augustine
Ryan Suzanne
Ryan Richard
Ryan George
Ryan Elizabeth
Rzepecka Danuta
Sabin Keith
Sabre Rachel
Sack Molly
Sack Darlene
Sackett Robert
Sadasky Toby
Sager Barbara
Sailor Kevin
Salas Luis
Salas Lourdes
Salinas Rose
Saltsman Leonard
Saltsman Mary
Salwerowicz Frank
Salwerowicz Cynthia
Sambel Cassandra
Sanchez Theresa
Sanchez Jaime
Sanchez Stephanie
Sanders Nathan
Sanders Barbara
Sanders Peggy
Sandoval Sharon
Sandoval Joanne
Sandoval Neva
Sandoval Ernest
Sarconi Thomas
Sarmiento David
Sarmiento Leigh
Sauter Beverly
Sauter Vincent
Sauter Helen
Sauter Matthew
Saxton James
Scanlon Sabine
Schaetzle Hannah
Scharton Richard
Scharton Eliza
Schenk Rudy
Schenk Lucille
Scherk Walter
Schick Peggy
Schiefelbein Patricia
Schineller David
Schissler Diane
Schissler Krystyna
Schlenvogt Timothy
Schmaedeke Erik
Schmidt David
Schmidt Richard
Schmidt Charleen
Schmidt Margaret
Schmidt Brent
Schneider Lance
Schneider Wilhelmina
Schnoor Marlene
Schnoor Eldon
Schoeneck Steven
Schrage Dustin
Schuldt Earla
Schulte Adam
Schulz Kimberly
Schulz Gerald
Schuppe Michael
Schuppe Jean
Schwartz Perry
Scollo John
Scott Darleen
Scott William
Scrivano Denee
Seader Sandra
Seader George
Sedillo Michelle
Sedillo John
Sedillo Manuel
Sedillo Janice
Seitz James
Senst Isabelle
Senst Archie
Serrano Susan
Servatius Carol
Sewell Timothy
Sewell Hillary
Shannon Russell
Shannon Stella
Sharp Roger
Sharp Nancy
Sharpley Kenneth
Shaw David
Shaw Doris
Shaw Ginger
Shaw Oliver
Shaw Zachary
Sheats Steven
Sheats Lynnann
Shelburne Mildred
Shelton Elaine
Sherman Harry
Sherry Faith
Shibao Stanley
Shibao Gayle
Shiner Harold
Showalter Derkje
Showman David
Showman Laura
Sieber Denishar
Sieber Darrick
Silva Henry
Silva Falon
Silverthorn James
Silverthorn Amanda
Silverthorn Suzanne
Simpson Gary
Sinclair Michelle
Siraguse Salvatore
Sisk Clifford
Skeels Gary
Skeels Nancy
Skinner Doreen
Skinner Leroy
Small Clay
Small Julina
Smith George
Smith Walter
Smith Janice
Smith Karen
Smith David
Smith Kelli
Smith Betty
Smith Deborah
Sneden John
Sneden Carrie
Snider John
Snider Vincent
Snider Sangwan
Snyder Beverly
Snyder David
Solano Robin
Solano Miriam
Solano Cassie
Solano Michael
Solis Melanie
Solis Robert
Sotelo Marius
Southard Karen
Southard Paul
Spain Patricia
Spaulding Pauline
Spaulding Richard
Speer Carolyn
Speer George
Spencer Gary
Spencer Arlene
Spencer Cheryl
Spencer Hershel
Spier Donna
Spletzer Jason
Spletzer Shawna
Spoor Vera
Spoor Fredrick
Sporney Leon
Spratte Erick
Spratte Amie
Stadler Darryl
Stadler Megan
Stanek John
Stanek Julia
Stansbury Iris
Starner Antoinette
Starnes Wanda
Starnes David
Stefanski Robert
Steinberger Michelle
Steinmetz Amanda
Stelljes Nicolle
Stelljes Von
Stephen Gary
Stephen Donald
Stephen Faye
Stephen Sharilyn
Stephens Ruth
Steves Amy
Steveson Barbara
Stewart Ivan
Stewart Margie
Stilley Beatrice
Stites Leann
Stites Robert
Stithem Martha
Stoddard Cheryl
Stoker Jerald
Stoker Diane
Stone Christopher
Stone Leon
Stone Jeannette
Stone Ruth
Storz Elfriede
Storz Heidi
Stover Lorie
Stowe Eliza
Strange Connie
Strassburg Nancy
Street Jerald
Street Barbara
Stresemann Richard
Stresemann Sofia
Sullivan David
Sum Yadean
Summerfield Krissy
Surette Brian
Surette Peter
Sutherland Hannah
Svaldi Aldo
Swackenberg Todd
Swackenberg Kendra
Swanson David
Sweeten Hardman Dianne
Symons Robert
Symons Heather
Szydlek Cynthia
Szydlek Edwin
Tagaris Harry
Tagaris Janet
Taillon Rebecca
Taillon Scott
Tait James
Talbott Mark
Tandberg Julie
Tandberg C
Taplin Lisa
Tarin Teresa
Taylor Robert
Taylor Matthew
Taylor Diana
Taylor Carmela
Tedy Anthony
Tedy Robert
Tedy Marcia
Tellez Fred
Tellez Patricia
Terrasi Ellen
Theis George
Thies Mary
Thom Charles
Thomas Marianne
Thomas Chelsea
Thomas Michael
Thomas Bruce
Thomas David
Thomas Michael
Thomas Michelle
Thomas Mark
Thomas Leisa
Thompson Melody
Thompson Arthur
Thompson Sherri
Thompson Carol
Thomson Roderick
Thomson Casey
Thonus Theodore
Thornton David
Thornton Arvin
Thornton Sharon
Thornton Debra
Thorpe Katrina
Thorpe Eric
Tidwell Duane
Timmerman Kenneth
Timmerman Floy
Todd Marilyn
Todd Richard
Torres Jose
Torres Joseph
Torres Rita
Torres Linda
Totten Trevor
Townsend Tracy
Trabert Kevin
Trabert Casi
Treto Martha
Troester Lowell
Tromanhauser Pamela
Trotter Venus
Trujillo Leslie
Trujillo Chontel
Trujillo Misty
Trunkenbolz Jay
Trunkenbolz Elsie
Tschida Patricia
Tschida Bernard
Tucker Sharla
Tucker Lesley
Tuma Faunia
Tuma Matthew
Turner Leslie
Turpen Marian
Uhl Carl
Ulrey Donna
Ulrich Edward
Underhill Kathryn
Unrein Matthew
Upton Mary
Urling Michael
Valencia Kevin
Van Hecke Susan
Van Hecke Michael
Vanderbeek Kirk
Vangilder Laura
Vanlandingham Pamela
Varga Peter
Varga Carol Lynn
Vargas-Sayer Isaura
Vaughn Judith
Vaughn Gary
Vdadeanaya Socorro
Vendryes Jason
Verdeal Elizabeth
Vialpando Mary
Vigil Michael
Vigil Rachel
Villalobos Lidia
Villano Michelle
Villegas Stephanie
Vincelette Ruthanne
Vinther Katie
Visser Kathryn
Voeltz Rochelle
Voeltz Corn Melissa
Vonfeldt Karen
Vunder Dixie
Vunder Douglas
Wagner Timothy
Wagner Megan
Wagner Rebecca
Wagner Amy
Wahl Laurel
Waite Mitchell
Waite Pamela
Waldman Delbert
Waldman Ethel
Walk Kayla
Walker Connie
Wall Ida
Wallace Thurston
Wallace Robert
Wallace Willard
Wallace Margaret
Walters Jacqueline
Walworth Deanna
Ward Chad
Ward Amita
Wardle Katherine
Wardle Kacey
Wardle Gary
Warren Aubrey
Watson Charli
Watson Randy
Way Larry
Wazny Sharon
Weatherwax Allen
Weatherwax Larry
Weatherwax Donna
Weatherwax Jean
Weaver Stephen
Weaver Daniel
Webb Diane
Webber Charles
Webber Tracy
Weber Amy
Weeks Frank
Weeks Joan
Wehrle Carl
Weiland Kenneth
Weins John
Weins Linda
Wells Pamela
Wells Mary Ann
Wells Victor
Werner William
Werner Kirby
Wetteland Weston
Wetteland Joann
Wetz Richard
Wetz Heather
Whelchel Norma
White Barbara
White Orville
White Betty
Whiteside Tammy
Whitesides Cassie
Whitham Michelle
Whitman Mary
Whitney Michael
Whitney Margaret
Whittaker Lois
Wiedmeier Carol
Wiehoff Hildegard
Wiehoff Kenneth
Wilcoxon Kelly
Wilcoxon Greg
Wilford Marcheta
Wilford Jerome
Willey Dency
Willey Michael
Williams Buddy
Williams Charlene
Williams Michael
Williams Karen
Williams Lawrence
Williams Dwain
Williams Annette
Williams Dennis
Williams Wanda
Williams Joseph
Wilson Alexander
Wilson Judith
Wilson Marty
Wilson Hollis
Wilson Jennifer
Wilson Heath
Wilson Charles
Wilson Charlotte
Wilson Justine
Wilson Glenn
Wilson Gina
Windholz Lawrence
Windholz Joann
Winkler James
Winn Leroy
Winn Virginia
Winner Frank
Winner Connie
Winter Susan
Winter Lesley
Wischmeyer Lynda
Wischmeyer Donald
Wiser Sharon
Wisner-Kinsey Elizabeth
Wisniewski Ryan
Wisniewski Amber
Witham Cody
Witman Jacklyn
Witman Walter
Witmer Jody
Wittrock Kristin
Wittrock Gregory
Witzke Mary
Woelfel Daniel
Woelfel Maria
Wolf Jay
Wolf Rebecca
Wolf Jennifer
Wolf Marcus
Wolf Richard
Woltman Foy
Worth Thomas
Worth Beverly
Wray Windy
Wurm Thomas
Yacoub Basheer
Yang Blia
Yaskoweak Danielle
Yeager Blair
Yelenick Johnathan
Yestness Shaun
York Shawn
York Amy
York Elizabeth
Young Terrance
Young Denise
Young David
Young Karen
Young Linda
Younger Betty
Younger John
Yslas Lola
Yslas Aaron
Yunker Donnie
Yurky-Burlech Phyllis
Zamora Louise
Zamora Samuel
Zapata Aguilar Jesus
Zarlengo Lewis
Zech Christopher
Zech Natalie
Ziebarth Dorothy
Ziebarth Leroy
Zimmerman Margaret
Zimmerman Duane
Zink Mary
Zoeller Barbara
Zoghby Patrick

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