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School District 27J is growing at record rates, and is actually one of the fastest growing in the state.  Estimates show that the student population of School District 27J will swell to 20,237 students by the 2018 school year, bringing a deficit of 3,262 seats. 

Existing facilities are quickly becoming inadequate for the number of students, and conditions are no longer conducive to our children's education.  While the district has explored changes to schedules, closing open enrollment and the use of year round schools, continued growth will simply exceed the space available.

Earlier this year, a community committee explored just what it would take enable the district to make critical improvements needed at our existing schools, build new schools, and to improve classroom instruction.   The recommendation they made to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chris Fiedler, was that a school construction bond and a mill levy over ride question be placed on the November ballot.

The passage of a school construction bond would enable the district to fund the building of new schools, perform significant expansions and renovations to existing schools. You can click here to learn more about the proposed capital improvements on the districts web site.  

Passage of a mill levy override would provide additional money for operational funding in BOTH District schools AND Charter schools within the district.  

 At their August 26th board meeting, the 27 Board of Education is expected to make a final decision on whether or not to place these measures on the ballot. 

 Please click 'YES'  below to show the Board you support these initiatives!  

Clicking YES shows the board that we want them to move forward and place these questions on the ballot so that parents and community members can make a choice to support 27J kids this November!
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