So I pledged to vote... now what?

On August 25th the School Board will decide whether they will refer a bond measure to the November 2015 ballot. The campaign has set a goal of collecting 1,800 pledges between now and that date. The pledges will be delivered to the school board meeting in August as they are making their decision.

  1. If you haven't pledged to vote yet, you need to click here before reading any further.
  2. Download our Pledge to Vote Kit.
  3. Set up events on our Calendar to go out and collect pledges at existing events (Farmer's Market, School Registration Day, Back to School Night, Festivals, etc.)
  4. Organize your own Pledge Party and invite your friends, family, and neighbors to support Iam27J.
  5. RSVP to attend the School Board meeting in August to help deliver the pledges and make your voice heard.

Get more people to pledge to vote and come to the school board meeting in late August. 

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