Pledge to Vote Drive

On August 25th, the Board of Directors for School District 27J will make a decision about whether to refer a ballot measure to address our school overcrowding problem. Last month we had more than 160 people order nearly 200 window clings. It's time to ramp up the campaign.

Last year, we fell short by 120 votes. We need to let the school board know that we will not fall short this time.

That is why we are launching the Iam27J Pledge to Vote campaign, to show the school board that this community is ready to support a bond on the November 2015 ballot.

Click here to be one of the first to “pledge to vote” this November, and learn more about ways that you can help this campaign.


Not only do we need you to post messages on social media asking people to make their pledge, we need you to download the Pledge to Vote Kit and use it this summer to collect pledges.

Add your name to the list and download the toolkit here.

We have set a goal of collecting 1,800 pledges to vote before the August 25th board meeting. Many of your schools will have back-to-school night before then.

You can organize a “pledge to vote” party at your house, or circulate the pledge form at a community farmers market or festival using the web browser on your phone or tablet--or use paper if you like. Learn how on our pledge to vote page.

Thanks for your continued advocacy and support for your school district and your community.

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