Learn About the 3D Proposal

Here's how 27J will use mill levy funds if 3D passes:

  • 1-to-Web - $2 million

    • Mill funds will allow 27J to connect students to the technology and digital resources they need to take learning beyond the classroom 

  • Staff Compensation - $5 Million

    • 27J currently offers the lowest beginning teacher salary of all 15 Denver metro area districts. To be able to recruit and retain high-quality teachers and staff, 27J has to offer more competitive salaries.

  • 21st Century Curriculum - $1.6 million

    • Currently, the average textbook in 27J is 13 years old. To compete and succeed, students need newer materials. Mill levy funds will launch a resource update cycle, beginning with Math and English, that will boost learning and allow 27J to compete with other Denver metro districts.

  • Additional Staff - $1 million

    • New support staff will help students overcome social and emotional obstacles to academic and personal success. 27J will start by placing a counselor in every elementary school in the District.

  • Charter Partners - $2.4 million

    • 27J has a long history of working with charter schools in the district. 20% of all mill levy funds will be shared with 27J charter school partners, who will use the funds to bolster their talent and tools, in proportion with 27J's allocation.


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