Election update as of Friday morning, 11.7.14

Thank you to all of you who have not given up hope on 3B! And thank you especially for all of your help on this campaign. This was a tough election cycle and but because of your hard work, we are very close.

Right now, according to the Adams County and Weld County websites, we’re only 301 votes behind. The clerk’s offices will begin counting again this morning but we may not know final results for a little while. Not all of those ballots are from people who reside in School District 27J, but there may still be enough uncounted ballots to get us across the finish.

Weld County is a very small portion of the district and we believe that portion of the vote count is unlikely to change. In Weld County, there were 263 votes cast and 116 were “yes” on 3B. If you are tracking this at home, make sure you remember to add these votes to those from Adams County.

We want to thank Karen Long, the Adams County Clerk, and all of her staff who have been working overtime to resolve this election. Here’s a story that explains why the counting process has taken longer than expected.

There are rumors about how many ballots are remaining, but we don’t know for sure. We will continue to keep you updated as we know more. Stay tuned…

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