Are We Winning? (11/1 Edition)

Not much movement on the ballot count today, so it's more important than ever to tag your friends and family to see if they have voted yet. If you have not already done so, sign up for tomorrow's Text & Phonebanking party at the Copper Rail to contact supportive people and make sure they return their ballot.

In order to win this election, we need at least 40% of people casting ballots to be from households that are likely to have at least one child. While turnout is high, we really need to increase our share of that turnout coming from likely parents. We have inched our way up to almost 26% But we need to grow by a lot more than that if we want to hit the goal by Election Day.


We have posted a fresh list of people who have voted on our website at Take a moment to visit the site and see if your friends and family have voted yet. If anyone's missing, give them a friendly reminder about where they can drop off their ballot.

We are also tracking ballot returns every day to see how well we are doing at turning out parents. We need strong parent support to win Yes on 3D so that we can recruit and retain high quality teachers for our kids and a strong community!



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