We won new and upgraded buildings, now we need the tools and the talent!

Back in 2015, this community sent a message that was loud and clear: "We Can Be Great". In an unprecedented election result, Iam27J community advocates (that's YOU) came back from a demoralizing 120-vote loss in 2014 to pass a bond measure that is solving our overcrowding issues.

Your work gave us the buildings we need so kids have the room they need to learn. But now they need the tools and the talent to be successful.

That's why School District 27J has spent the last year analyzing the needs of the district. They brought together the "Quality Schools Initiative 2.0" committee to evaluate the funding profile of the district and recommend a proposal that reflects what the community really needs out of the district.

The full press release from the district is after the jump. It goes through the process and talks about the results of a community survey that included more than 1,300 residents.  

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