Campaign Level - UNLOCKED!

Thanks to the hundreds of vote pledges and packed board meeting room, we passed the first hurdle. The board unanimously referred the measure to voters! In the next 10 days, the Adams County clerk will assign us a label (3A, 3B, etc.). At that point we will start printing materials and signs.

 THE CAFETERIA WAS PACKED!!!Board_Meeting_Crowd.jpg


Now the real work begins! Here are three things you can do right now (in priority order) to help the campaign get off to a good start:

  1. Get your window cling. Give $27 for 27J and get a free window cling.
  2. Sign up for our first event. Help us handwrite postcards to targeted voters the evening of Sept. 14th.
  3. Make sure your voter registration is up to date. Visit

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